.CA Domain Transfer-of-Registrar Interface

Please transfer the following CIRA registered .CA domain to "CA Registry": .CA
Careful! Do NOT prepend the name of any host (such as "www")

Transfer Authorization/Password provided to you by the current Registrar.

If you do not have this, request it from your current Registrar who is obligated to give it to you within 5 days.

How to contact me (the person submitting this form):
My Name
My Organization
My Areacode & Phone#
->IMPORTANT: provide your *working* email address! Make sure it's functional!
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The total transfer fee including CIRA's is $35+HST.
Your registration will be automatically extended by one year.

For faster processing, select VISA or MasterCard payment and complete the following EXACTLY as they appear on your credit card:
Credit card number
Credit card-holder name
/ Credit card expiry date
This information will _only_ be sent to your Registrar for processing with a single control copy auto-emailed back to you at the email address you have provided.

Notes (Communicate any important issues to your Registrar):

By clicking on , I hereby certify that I am the person named above, authorized by and acting for the Registrant organization to request this domain transfer to "CA Registry" and that we have read the Registrant Agreement and consider it legally binding. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the Registrant confirms this transfer and agree that failure to confirm the registration transfer with CIRA as CIRA requires is no cause for a fee refund.

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